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Origami Fortune Teller

Children love making these little origami fortune tellers.  They are so easy to make that once children learn the folds they become inspired and create many different, imaginative variations.  That’s why I have included links to printable pdfs of a blank fortune teller and a decorated version.

Colour in fortune teller Printable Colour-in fortune teller pdf

Blank fortune teller Printable blank fortune teller pdf

To make the fortune teller:

1. cut out the square around the bold line.

2. Fold the square in half horizontally, open up the fold and fold the square in half vertically.

3. With the printed side facing down fold the corners of the square into the centre.

4. Turn the fortune teller over and fold the corners of the square into the centre.

5. The fortune teller is complete! Simply open out the flaps and gently squeeze it into shape.

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