colouring, Easter, Paper craft

Easter Chick Peg Puppet

This is a sweet little project to fill fifteen minutes or so. It can be adapted to lots of different ideas and occasions (crocodiles, sharks, dinosaur eggs) or you can just print off the pdf below to make our chick and egg Easter version.

Click here for printable pdf colouring sheet

To make this peg puppet you need the following materials:

A printout of the Easter Peg Puppet

Colouring pens or pencils



Glue Stick

  1. Colour in the chick and the egg and then cut around the shapes.

2. Cover the two ‘jaws’ of the peg facing you with glue and carefully stick the egg shapes to the peg with the crack along the edge of the jaws.

3.Turn over the peg and glue the chick to the lower jaw of the peg ensuring that the face of the chick shows in the gap when the peg is open at the edges of the chick are within the edges of the egg.

4. Turn over and give the peg a squeeze to test out your new Easter puppet pal.

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