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Secret Message Flowers

I grew up in a small, market town in Devon. It was the sort of town that only had one street of shops but they still managed to sell everything that anybody ever needed. This was the early Eighties, we didn’t even have a supermarket nearby and internet shopping would have seemed like something from a Sci-Fi film. I used to love going shopping with my Mum and one of my favourite shops was Too Goods the gift shop. It was filled with porcelain mugs, tiny novelty figurines and, best of all, an exciting selection of stationery.

One day my Mum and I bought some beautiful flower gift tags that opened up so you could write the message inside. We reverse engineered 🙂 the tags to work out how to make our own and it was surprisingly simple. I’ve often thought about those beautiful gift tags and that I must remember how to make them. So this weekend I sat down with a pair of compasses and messed round with circles and hexagons until I finally got it right! Then I designed this free colouring sheet printable.

There is a patterned version and a blank version available to download

Patterned version –

Blank version –

The cutting and folding on this is quite tricky so younger children might need some help.

Print out the pattern and colour in the pieces. Cut out the pieces.

2. Fold along all the grey lines. Including the lines along the petals.

3. Squeeze the petals together and draw in towards the middle.

4. Fold the petals down overlapping each other (there are two different designs depending on which way you fold the petals).

5. Stick the leaves to the bottom of the flower using a glue stick.

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