Free printable sewing card to learn chain stitch

My daughter has been really enjoying these new embroidery cards. They are a step up from the standard lacing cards which teach children the basic ‘in and out’ motion of sewing. These cards aim to help children learn to form basic embroidery stitches. The first two cards covered straight stitch and fly stitch. This card uses chain stitch and detached chain stitch to complete the picture.

My embroidery guides explain how to form the stitch and the dots on the card are placed to ensure that the stitches turn out well every time.


Click here to print the bear chain stitch sewing card

Print the pdf at actual size on the thickest card your printer will take. Using a sharp, thick needle or drawing pin push through holes on all the dots marked on the cards. Put something soft (I use a thick sheet of felt) behind the card while you do this.

Thread a large needle (use a blunt one for little children) with either three strands of embroidery cotton or a perlé thread – I used a multi shaded pink perlé thread in the example. Knot the thread and stitch the flowers as indicated. Below is the embroidery guide for chain stitch. Then stitch the chain stitch border.

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