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Origami Butterfly – free printable colouring activity

This is a lovely project to make with children. They can colour the butterfly in and then you can learn how to fold the origami butterflies together. They make lovely decorations when you are wrapping gifts or why not turn them into a pretty mobile or bunting?

Print the origami butterfly pdf here.

  1. Colour and cut out the origami square.
  2. Fold in half horizontally and open.
  3. Fold in half vertically and open.
  4. Fold in half diagonally and open.
  5. Fold in half along the opposite diagonal and open. Your paper should look like the one shown below. Make sure you have it the right way round (with the colouring at the sides and the small triangle in the bottom of the centre).
Following steps 1-5.

6. Fold the horizontal crease line in the image above into the middle to form a triangle with the coloured sections in the middle. See below.

7. Fold the points of the triangle towards the top along the printed lines.

This is what your butterfly should look like after step 7.

8. Turn the butterfly over and upside down.

This is what the butterfly should look like following step 8.

9. Fold the point of the triangle towards the base along the horizontal line.

Following step 9.

10. Fold the small triangle over the top of the butterfly to hold the shape in place and turn over.

Following step 10.

11. Fold the butterfly in half with the coloured sides on the inside and then gently open to reveal your finished butterfly.

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