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Origami Gift Boxes

Colouring is such a calming activity for children. When the girls arrive at Rainbows I always have some colouring pages set out for them to do while they wait for the session to start. It is great for encouraging them to concentrate and focus on a task and it also relaxes them after a long day at school. The Rainbows all chat to each other while they are colouring but it is always a very calm and quiet time (it doesn’t last long!).

Colouring sheets that can be made into useful things are always popular. Some children need to know that what they are doing has a purpose, other than just enjoying colouring-in! This is one of those colouring sheets. The intricate designs are great for calm, focussed colouring but there is also an element of crafting involved for the more practical child.

The gift boxes are great to make for Mother’s Day or Easter.

  • Print your chosen box design onto thin card or paper.

Click here for the flower box printable pdf

click here for the mandala box printable pdf

  • Colour in the design.
  • Cut around the edge of the light grey square. The light grey lines indicate where all the folds need to be.
  • Fold in half vertically, undo the fold. Fold in half horizontally, undo the fold.
  • Fold the corners into the centre.
  • Fold the edge into the centre and undo. Repeat for each edge.
  • Fold two opposite corners into the centre.
  • Bring the side of the box up and push the corner of the box in towards the centre of one of the unfolded corners.
  • Repeat on the other side.
  • Fold the corner down to the middle to hold the sides of the box in place.
  • Repeat on the remaining side of the box.
  • Enjoy your beautiful gift box. Fill it with goodies and give it to someone you love.

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