Paper craft

Tissue Paper Flowers

I have a lovely childhood memory of sitting on the wooden floor of our dining room in the sunshine making tissue paper flowers with my Mum. This is the sort of memory I want my children to have – of a special, calm time making things together – and one of the reasons why I started this blog. This craft doesn’t really need a tutorial as I am sure most people will remember making these beautiful flowers when they were little – but I will add one below anyway. This is such a satisfying craft. Quick, simple and beautiful.

My little Rainbows could have filled a florist shop with the amount they made in preparation for Mother’s Day and my nine-year old spent a lovely quiet morning experimenting with different ways of cutting the petals to make different flowers.

The flowers require very little in the way of materials just squares of tissue paper (I bought mine ready cut from Amazon here) and long green pipe cleaners (like these).

1.Choose five sheets of tissue paper. Using green as the outside layer can be pretty as it looks like leaves.

2. Put them in a neat pile and then fold carefully as if you were making a fan. Each fold should be just over a centimetre – this doesn’t really matter for little ones, the flowers tend to turn out well regardless!

3. Fold the fan in half and wrap a pipe cleaner around the middle to hold the folds in place.

4. Cut the ends into a petal shape. This is a great point to experiment. Cutting different shapes can really alter the type of flower you produce.

5. Gentle fluff up the petals of the flower one sheet of tissue paper at a time.

In my Rainbows group we made the flowers into bouquets with a little label attached but one of my other favourite things to do is use the pipe cleaner stems to join the flowers together into giant daisy chains. They make a lovely decoration for parties.

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