Free Printable Suitcase Packing Activity

This is an activity I did with my Rainbows when we were doing the Camping Stage 1 badge. However, it would also be a useful resource for lots of different occasions or just a fun activity for little ones to do while you pack the actual suitcases for their holidays.

As the Rainbows arrived for the session I got them to colour in the suitcases. I had already cut them out and assembled them as some of the Rainbows are only five. When everybody had arrived we started the session with our usual songs and greetings. We always follow this with circle time and share our news and talk about what we are doing at Rainbows this week.

I took along one of my daughter’s dolls and explained that the doll was going camping and had packed her own rucksack. I asked each Rainbow to take something out of the dolls rucksack as we passed it round the circle and we would decide whether it was useful for her trip or not. I had packed a mixture of useful things and silly things. So we had a lot of fun and laughter unpacking the doll’s bag!

Once this had finished we split into groups and I gave the groups their suitcases and the set of ‘what to pack’ cards. Each group had a different type of trip to pack for and they had to discuss what was most important and least important and arrange the items in their cases. Some ideas for different trips:- camping, sleepover at a friends house, day trip to the zoo, summer holiday.

To make the suitcases.

Print the suitcase template onto card and cut out, using sticky tape, join either to another printed cut out or a plain version cut from coloured card. Suitcase template

Print out, colour, and cut out the ‘what to pack’ cards. What to pack cards’

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