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Free Printable Shop to Decorate

I first designed this little printable shop to be the colouring activity when we were learning about money at Rainbows. It is a great little activity for getting imaginations going. Thinking about the name of the shop and what they want to sell. Even my eleven year old and nine year old asked for their own shops to colour.

There are two versions of the print out. One is just a basic blank shop to customise, the other has a few added details but still leaves the window and shop sign blank.

Why not combine this colouring activity with a role play shop area? Children can use play money to purchase items to make a craft. I found it easiest to bag up equal amounts of pretend money for each child before the activity began. At a party the play shop could sell components to make a magic wand. Make sure there is a nice selection so that they have to make decisions on how to spend their money and all the finished wands should end up looking unique. You could use the little printable shops as party bags at the end.

The design also makes a sweet favour bag to put sweets or biscuits in. You could decorate the front as a sweet shop or bakery.


  1. Print the template out on paper or thin card. Make sure you print at actual size not shrink to fit.

Blank Shop

Embellished Shop

  1. Cut along the dotted lines

2. Fold all the lines marked in the picture below.

3. Glue along the side strip and join the sides together as shown.

4. Fold the bottom flaps and fasten securely with sticky tape.

5. If you are making a shop model glue the top inside edges of the shop and fold together as shown below.

6. If you are making the gift bag use a hole punch to make a hole though the top and tie with a ribbon.

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