colouring, Easter, Paper craft

Easter Pop-Up Free Printable

This is just a quick colouring printable that makes a very satisfying little pop-up card. The back is blank so you can write your own Easter message. It is best printed onto thin card.

  1. Print out the template by clicking here. Cut out the main piece and the small rectangle cross picture.

2. Using a glue stick attach the small rectangle to the bottom of the reverse of the main piece as shown below.

3. Cut along the black line in the centre of the main piece between the two small lines.

5. Fold along all the printed lines. With the wrong side of the main piece facing you fold the top and bottom rectangles into the centre. Fold the tabs at the top of the main piece down.

6. Put glue on the rectangles and the tabs and fold the main piece in half horizontally so that the rectangles are attached to each other and the tabs are stuck to the opposite side of the main piece.

7. Gently squeeze the top and bottom of the rectangle to make the pop up appear through the slot.

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